Our Range of Products & Services

The Future of Car Cleaning

Lovegrove Vehicle Wash Solutions boasts a range of different car wash services and product mixes that deliver reliability and quality of product that wipes out our competition as well as delivering maximum return on investment.

Diverse Solutions, Tailored For You

Lovegrove’s comprehensive suite of services includes cutting-edge offerings such as the PDQ Laserwash, Prowash systems, and innovative carwash chemicals that guarantee immaculate results. Our commitment extends to self-serve carwash stations, car vacuum machines, and even pet-friendly K9000 Dog Wash units – catering to every aspect of the carwash experience.

PDQ Laserwash

Step into the future of car cleaning with the PDQ Laserwash system. Our PDQ offerings bring a new level of efficiency and precision to automatic carwash technology. Experience a comprehensive clean that leaves vehicles gleaming and customers impressed setting the standard for excellence.


Discover the power of Prowash systems – where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional performance. Our Prowash offerings are designed to attract customers seeking quality and efficiency. Elevate your carwash experience and transform every wash into a remarkable journey.

Car Wash Chemicals

Elevate your carwash results with our premium range of carwash chemicals. Lovegrove’s chemistry is crafted to perfection, ensuring every vehicle emerges spotless and vibrant. With our carefully curated line of products, your customers will experience a level of clean they won’t forget.

Car Wash Entry Units

Simplify customer access with Lovegrove’s intuitive carwash entry units. These systems are designed to enhance the customer experience while streamlining operations. Your carwash business gains an edge with technology that’s as user-friendly as it is efficient.

K9000 Dog Wash

Cater to the pet-loving market with our K9000 Dog Wash stations. Provide a convenient and hygienic solution for pet owners, while adding a unique offering to your carwash business. At Lovegrove, we understand that catering to all customers, even the furry ones, sets you apart.

Design & Construction

Dreaming of your own carwash facility? Lovegrove turns dreams into reality with our design and construction services. Our team of experts brings your vision to life, creating functional and appealing carwash establishments that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are efficient.

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