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Here at Lovegrove Vehicle Wash Solutions we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality of work in creating state of the art car wash facilities. Explore below our recent projects and installations throughout Metropolitan Perth.

Western Australia – it’s time to treat yourself to the next-generation cleaning experience at West Coast Wash. The team at Lovegrove Vehicle Wash Solutions are proud to be the builder, supplier and maintenance team for West Coast Wash. We scoured the world to bring the latest and greatest cleaning technology to car and dog owners of this great state of ours – now’s it’s yours to enjoy. Featuring fully automated, state-of-the-art facilities open 24/7 night and day, simply drive into West Coast Wash and tap ‘n pay your way to dream clean. Spotless, cashless, touchless, effortless.

Featuring next generation technology and including the following setups:

  • LaserWash 360 Plus
  • Prowash Vacuum Bays
  • K9000 Dogwash

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